About Lucid

About Lucid FitPlanet:


Lucid/ˈluːsɪd/-expressed clearly; easy to understand.

At Lucid FitPlanet we seek;

-to redefine fitness and help you redefine yourself.

-to improve people’s well-being by motivating them to engage in fitness activities through the use of comfortable fitness apparel, workout programs, corporate fitness services and fitness/well-being events. 
-to improve lives and promote entrepreneurship by having our fitness apparel tailored, printed and packaged by entrepreneurs and out marketing and advertising materials and platforms created by entrepreneurs so as to promote their businesses.

-to empower people, through our clothing and training programs that allow them to take control of their bodies, lives and their appearances while reaching for their health goals.
-to promote the well-being of our planet by using biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials and using environmentally friendly material for our apparel.
-to promote philanthropy by donating some of our profits and proceeds to our non-profit organisation; Lucid Elimu, which seeks to promote education, local economic empowerment, adult literacy, women empowerment, fitness activities and entrepreneurship within impoverished communities in Africa.

To us, fitness and health are not just a lifestyle; they are life itself. Join us as we redefine fitness and we’ll help you redefine yourself.